Community Programming

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Community Integration Support Group

Over a 5-month program, RECLAIM will provide reentry cohorts with support group sessions to work through a 12-module curriculum that complement’s DOC’s existing 9-page Reentry Release Plan, and the 10-week reentry course currently offered by contracted community colleges.

Interpersonal Skills Course

Promoting healthy relationships for individuals still inside is a crucial skill needed in order to explore and process themes relating to effective and loving communication. RECLAIM staff will teach a relationship skills class to cohort participants in order to foster healthier relationships for currently incarcerated communities.

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Post Release

Peer Counselors

In order to develop collective capacity within the community and address the lack of sufficient mental health support for systems impacted individuals RECLAIM will skill up four formerly incarcerated community members who have shared lived experience within the criminal legal system who will act as coach and support system. Each peer counselor will be paired with a certified mental health practitioner who will act as coach and support system

Professional Mental Health Practitioner Support

Subsidizing the cost of therapy for participants ready to explore this route to healing. RECLAIM is building a network of mental health practitioners that is experienced in working with system-impacted clients and can provide culturally-sustaining therapy services immediately.

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Family & Loved Ones

Professional Mental Health Practitioner Support

RECLAIM will partner with respected community members to co-create a Family Support Group open to anyone with a loved one who is currently or formerly incarcerated. The Family Support Circle is intended to be a space where family members can process and be held by others in community with the shared experience of supporting a loved one. The Group’s facilitators will be themselves system-impacted and be able to draw on their own lived experiences with the impacts of incarceration on family relationships.

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